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No California Data for Religious Registries: Support S.B. 31

California must not be complicit in any attempt by the federal government to create lists or registries of individuals based on their religious beliefs. In response to proposals floated by the Trump administration to create a so-called “Muslim registry,” California State Sen. Ricardo Lara has introduced legislation to create a legal firewall against sharing state and local government data that the federal government could use to violate our right to religious freedom.

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S.B. 31 is moving quickly as lawmakers recognize the importance of protecting Californians from being unconstitutionally targeted by the federal government.

S.B. 31 would prevent state and local government agencies from providing any personally identifiable information or databases, including those maintained by vendors, for the purposes of creating lists, registries, or databases based on a person’s religion, national origin, or ethnicity.
S.B. 31 blocks the use of agency resources for any government program involving a list, registry, or database of personally identifiable information based on religion, national origin, or ethnicity for law enforcement or immigration purposes.
S.B. 31 restricts law enforcement from asking for or collecting information on a person’s religion, except when there is a nexus with a criminal investigation or the information is being used to provide religious accommodations.
S.B. 31 blocks law enforcement from enforcing violations of requirements that people register with the federal government based on their religion, national origin, or ethnicity.
California must let Washington know it plans to stand its ground and protect its residents’ civil liberties. Join the growing statewide coalition to protect our data.


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